One of Dubai's most recognisable burger brands, SALT, has brought its beloved concept to an iconic new location - the Museum of the Future. The pioneering SALT AT THE MUSEUM is a standalone space that offers a fresh approach to the SALT experience, showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation and culinary excellence. The mastermind behind this dynamic concept is the revolving door of culinary superstars invited to put their unique stamp on SALT's classic menu. Every three months, a new celebrated regional chef takes the reins, concocting an exclusive array of imaginative offerings that push the boundaries of traditional burger fare. 

For the inaugural installment until the end of June, acclaimed chef, Akmal Anuar, takes charge. As the visionary behind the MENA's 50 Best 3 Fils and one-Michelin-starred 11 Woodfire, he brings his wealth of experience and passion to the table. Born into a family of Singapore hawkers, Chef Akmal's passion is honouring his roots whilst elevating time-honoured flavours to new artistic heights. Prepare to embark on a true culinary exploration as you study the tantalising menu and await each carefully composed dish's arrival. Let Chef Akmal's artful compositions dazzle your senses with bursts of unexpected yet familiar flavours that showcase the intersection of tradition and future- forward techniques. From the first bite to the last, each dish tells a story of creativity, passion, and innovation. As the Museum of the Future continues to inspire and captivate visitors, SALT's presence adds an exciting new dimension to the experience, in a truly unique setting.