The Rume is delighted to present its inaugural collection of luxury soy and beeswax based candles, carefully curated and expertly blended with essential oils, harnessing the invigorating powers of aromatherapy and designed to elicit a variety of mood-boosting vibes.

Luxury soy and beeswax candles

The Sublime Air-Care collection consists of four 200 gram candles, each created with a mostly soy-based wax, enhanced with beeswax and completed with unique scent combinations. Each candle has been designed to reflect our customer's individuality and personal style, allowing them to choose the product that suits them (or the person they are gifting) best.

Non-toxic, natural candles

Your health is important to us, so we will never use nasty toxins or chemicals when making The Rume candles. Our candles are without parabens, sulfates SLS and SLES, phthalates, and created with a pure cotton wick for clean burning every time. 

Discover candle care tips and tricks here. 

Wake Up Call Candle

Wake Up Call is a fresh and invigorating candle, poured with zesty lemon, fresh mint, comforting basil and crushed sea salt. It's eye-catching packaging appeals to lovers of Italian culture, particularly the Positano region. Once lit, this candle fills your home with the memory of coastal summers and pure escapism.

Darkest Hour Candle

Darkest Hour is the first step to unwinding after a long day/week/year... As its jet-black wax begins to melt, aromas of smooth leather, caramelised coffee and delicate vanilla bean fill the space. Rest is essential to living a fulfilled life, so put your feet up, open a bottle and light your Darkest Hour.

Sweet Escape Candle

If the beach is your happy place, Sweet Escape is the one for you. This sweet and salty fragrance is like an ocean breeze in a jar. Calm and refreshing, enjoy the scent of crashing waves, ripe bergamot and sweet patchouli for a mesmerising experience.

Wild Side Candle

The rebellious one of the bunch, Wild Side evokes an adventurous experience, compelling you to embrace the rollercoaster of life. Burst mandarin, chopped basil and warm amber combine to deliver an exhilarating effect.