Discover A Show With Glitz, Glamour And Goddesses

Don’t think of Babylon as just another dinner and a show restaurant. That’s not what they’re doing here. The phenomenon that took over Dubai swiftly after the peak of the pandemic has yet to slow down, with venues across the city adding a slice of razzle dazzle to its offering. Babylon, however, is driving in a different lane. Focusing its energy on creating a hedonistic experience, where guests are actually part of the party.

As we simmer into our seats and begin with a course of Chilean sea bass tempura and moreish Padron peppers, we hear a soulful voice from behind. An upbeat rendition of Whitney Houston’s If I Told You That is performed by a regal-looking pair making their way through the tables toward the stage. The energy in the room shifts as guests are serenaded before the evening has barely begun.

It’s not long before the drama evolves, with half-clothed acrobats being propelled above the front row by a rope dangling from the ceiling. One dancer, with tassels hanging from the length of her arms, hangs only by her hair as she swings into the crowd. It’s an act we’ve seen before, but it never fails to amaze. Moments later we’re transported to ancient Greece, as the gates of Babylon set the scene for an impressive battle-dance blend.

We’re so distracted by what’s happening on stage, we barely notice that our table has been filled with a selection of the chef’s best dishes. An oven-baked Neapolitan pizza with burrata and sun-dried tomatoes sits on an elevated tray, a crunchy Asian greens salad with a sweet miso dressing, and a filet of Chilean sea bass lay out in front of us. 

We devour the lot just as the lights go down and the music switches. Our attentive waiter begins to fulfil his other role for the night, climbing atop a platform and encouraging everyone to wave their napkin over their head. As Bella Ciao pumps from the speakers, we take joy in seeing our fellow diners getting in on the twirling action before deciding to call it a night.