Within the prestigious Four Seasons Private Residences on the Canal, popular Portuguese restaurant, Lana Lusa, has reopened its doors. This exciting move promises to redefine luxury dining in the heart of the city, offering patrons an unparalleled gastronomic experience in a new and refined setting. At its new location, LanaLusa captures the essence of Mediterranean culinary traditions whilst infusing modern elegance and Portuguese heritage into every detail. The meticulously designed venue, inspired by Jessica Kassim's legacy, transports diners to the charming streets of Europe, where every corner tells a story of tradition and innovation. One of the highlights of Lana Lusa's reopening is its extended menu, celebrating the diverse and rich flavours of the Mediterranean. From traditional favourites to contemporary creations, guests embark on a culinary journey that captures the essence of Europe. The addition of a 'Portuguese Heritage' section pays homage to Jessica's grandmother, infusing the menu with cherished family recipes and authentic flavours. Hailing from the Portuguese coastal town of Torres Vedras, Chef Helio's upbringing near the Atlantic Ocean instilled in him a deep appreciation for fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. 

Lana Lusa's new location boasts a spacious terrace offering views of Dubai Canal. To celebrate Lana Lusa's grand  reopening, The Rume, a Dubai-based design studio, has created a unique candle collection inspired by the restaurant's captivating artwork. Each candle features a distinctive design, from intricate patterns reminiscent of Portuguese tiles to bold, abstract strokes that echo the restaurant's modern elegance. The carefully curated scents, ranging from fresh citrus and herbs to warm amber, have been selected to complement the restaurant's ambience and culinary offerings. As guests explore the renewed Lana Lusa, they will discover these bespoke candles strategically placed throughout the space, enhancing the overall sensory experience and creating a memorable atmosphere that reflects the restaurant's commitment to luxury and artistry.