Expo City Dubai is gearing up to host an electrifying night on 4 May as the legendary Solomun takes the stage at the highly anticipated Soho Garden Festival. Known for his captivating and immersive beats, Solomun has long been a favourite among house music enthusiasts, and his upcoming performance in Dubai has fans buzzing with excitement.

The iconic Expo City Dubai, which previously hosted the world-famous Expo 2020, has effortlessly transitioned into a premier destination for major cultural and entertainment events. Its expansive, open spaces and cutting-edge facilities provide the perfect setting for large-scale festivals like Soho Garden. The urban landscape of Expo City, juxtaposed against Dubai's glittering skyline, will create a stunning backdrop for the event.

Soho Garden is renowned for bringing the biggest names in the music industry to Dubai, and this festival is no exception. As part of a larger series that seamlessly blends nightlife with live performances, the event promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. The festival grounds will be meticulously designed with multiple stages, dazzling lights, and a top-notch sound system, ensuring an immersive sensory experience.

As the night unfolds and Solomun takes to the main stage, the atmosphere is set to become electric. Known for his dynamic sets that seamlessly traverse various genres of electronic music, Solomun is poised to keep the crowd moving and grooving throughout his performance. Visuals on the screens and laser shows synchronised with his beats will add an extra layer of immersion, creating a truly mesmerising audio-visual experience.

The event is expected to attract a diverse crowd, with local fans and international visitors united by their shared love for music. The energy will be palpable as everyone comes together to dance and revel in the night's festivities.

As Soho Garden Festival continues to bring more events like this to Dubai, it reinforces the city's status as a premier destination for music lovers and party-goers from around the world. Whether you're a die-hard house music fan or simply looking to immerse yourself in something new and exciting, this is an event not to be missed. Tickets are available starting from AED155 per person.