When creating Floral Storm, I sought to craft more than just a candle; my vision was to design an embodiment of elegance and refined aesthetics, a visual and olfactory masterpiece that would enhance any living space. This creation stems from my passion for combining art with functionality, blending the sensory pleasure of fragrance with the visual beauty  of design.

The journey began with the selection of the vessel. The gun metal silver metallic jar was chosen for its luxurious appearance, symbolising sophistication. It’s a piece of art in itself, designed to be a focal point in any room. The packaging, with its monochrome abstract artwork featuring smokey flowers and delicate petals, was conceptualised to be a visual extension of the candle's essence – understated, yet strikingly beautiful.

At the heart of Floral Storm is the fragrance – a heady blend of lily, tonka and musk. This scent was carefully curated to capture an aura of sophistication and allure. It was essential that the fragrance not only perfumed a space but also created an ambience, a mood that speaks of tranquillity and refined taste.

Creating Floral Storm was about understanding the desires of trendsetters and design enthusiasts. I envisioned it as the perfect centrepiece for those who curate their homes with an effortless flair for beauty and contemporary style. 

As Floral Storm burns, its gentle glow and intoxicating fragrance are meant to transport you away from everyday life. It’s a celebration of the finer things in life, a testament to the belief that true beauty lies in the details, and that they can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.