Set sail across the vibrant waters of Dubai without the need for a boating license with HERO Boats. Immerse yourself in the allure of speed and elegance aboard one of their vessels, capable of reaching thrilling speeds up to 50km/h. Your journey will be framed by vistas of Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai and Atlantis, The Palm resort. These landmarks become your backdrop, glistening against the azure sea, offering unparalleled photo opportunities.

HERO Boat's prestigious recognition as the UAE Leading Boat Tour Operator by the World Travel Awards is a testament to the unique experiences they offer. The experience is an exploration that combines adventure and scenic beauty of the Arabian Gulf.

Choose from a signature boat tour or a sunset boat tour, with prices starting from AED295 per person. The actual route will change depending on the weather conditions of the day, but you’re bound to see some of the city’s most picturesque landmarks and enjoy the fresh ocean air.