In a bold move that's set to redefine the global fashion scene, Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) announced its Autumn/Winter 24/25 dates, through an eye-catching billboard in none other than Times Square, New York.

Scheduled from 4 to 8 February, 2024, the third edition of DFW is returning to its home at the Dubai Design District (d3). What makes this event even more exciting is its new positioning in the global fashion calendar. For the first time, Dubai will lead the way, setting the tone for the season ahead of fashion capitals like New York, London, Milan and Paris. DFW is not just about showcasing fashion though; it's a strategic move to amplify Dubai's visibility on the global stage. The event aims to attract global buyers, key opinion leaders, and industry experts, while fostering collaborations with designers. This initiative is part of a larger plan to cement Dubai's status as a global hub of fashion and creativity.

The success of DFW's Spring/Summer '24 edition, featuring heavyweights like Carolina Herrera and Naomi Campbell, is a testament to Dubai's rising influence. Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council, shared: "AW24-25 promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with inspiration, innovation, and style," as it invites enthusiasts and buyers to experience the undeniable fashion evolution in Dubai.

The upcoming DFW edition will also offer a citywide calendar of high-profile shows and events. Attendees can look forward to exclusive events, brand activations, networking opportunities and insightful panel discussions. With its emphasis on innovative designs and a focus on sustainability, DFW is steadily establishing Dubai as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.