In honour of our second anniversary, we take a look back at our journey from conception to current day.

As I look back over the past two years, our journey at THE RUME has been nothing short of extraordinary. Born during the uncertainty of the post-pandemic life, my partner and I embarked on an ambitious project to create an e-commerce platform that would resonate deeply with individuals' personalities through carefully curated products for their personal spaces. Our first venture into this vision was a unique design-focused candle collection, embodying our belief in the importance of creating items that are more than just objects, but extensions of oneself.

The road to launching THE RUME was filled with challenges. As newcomers to the entrepreneurial world, with limited funds at our disposal, we faced the daunting task of finding the perfect suppliers to bring our dream to fruition. The journey involved countless samples, significant financial investment and over a year of meticulous testing. Yet, our persistence paid off in the form of our inaugural candle collection: Wake Up Call, Darkest Hour, Wild Side and Sweet Escape, each crafted to evoke distinct moods and atmospheres, from the zest of Italian summers to the tranquillity of a quiet night in.

Our launch in April 2022 was met with an outpouring of support that exceeded our expectations, leading us down an unforeseen path towards new business opportunities. Collaborations with renowned entities like Lucia’s in Dubai, Faure La Page in Paris and a special Christmas edition candle with 25hours Hotel highlighted our brand's versatility and appeal, prompting the establishment of RUME Bespoke, a sector dedicated exclusively to brand collaborations and gifting.

Throughout 2023, our work with notable brands such as HSBC, Platinum Heritage and KFC solidified our position in the B2B market. This success, however, did not deter the team from expanding the product line, introducing new offerings by the names of Liquid Disco and Floral Storm. Simultaneously, the shifting dynamics of the digital landscape brought new challenges to the forefront, underlining the necessity for a strategic pivot towards content creation.

Recognising the evolving demands of the market, we launched RUME Magazine in December 2023. This foray into digital content, with a focus on luxury lifestyle and entrepreneurship, has not only extended our brand's reach but also bolstered our growth. As we celebrate our second anniversary, we are filled with optimism for the future. Committed to staying ahead of the curve, and excited to explore the possibilities that emerging technologies present for the evolution of our brand.

Reflecting on our journey from an ambitious project to a flourishing brand and content creation venture, we are reminded of the resilience, creativity and forward-thinking that have been the hallmarks of our journey. With a host of exciting plans on the horizon, we are eager to continue our path of growth and innovation, embracing the opportunities of a rapidly changing world with open arms.