Discover luxury redefined at the newly opened SAL, a beachfront haven at the Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort. Nestled along the breathtaking shores with clear blue waters and pristine sandy beaches, this exquisite destination invites you to experience dining excellence amidst Saadiyat Island's mesmerising sunsets.

SAL Saadiyat Island, now open to the public, offers a sophisticated and relaxed dining atmosphere that captures the essence of high-end, barefoot chic destinations like Capri, Saint-Tropez, and Mykonos. Guests at this exclusive venue are treated to an extraordinary culinary adventure, featuring beloved dishes from SAL's gourmet repertoire. Highlights include the King Crab & Homemade Trenette Pasta and the signature Sea Salt Crusted Sea Bass. Each offering is enhanced by the stunning natural beauty of Saadiyat Island, creating an exclusive dining experience that harmoniously blends exquisite cuisine with spectacular scenic views.

In addition to its culinary delights, SAL offers a variety of day access options for those wishing to bask in the luxury of its beachfront setting.

  • Sunbeds: Starting from AED 400, offering a perfect spot to soak up the sun and scenery.
  • Love Beds: Available from AED 800 for two, providing a cosy retreat for couples or friends.
  • In-house Guest: Access starting from AED 150, allowing guests to integrate relaxation at SAL with their resort stay.

    The architectural design of SAL Saadiyat Island mirrors its exquisite surroundings. The venue's contemporary mirrored structure is designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, creating an immersive experience that is both visually stunning and in harmony with nature. This idyllic setting is further complemented by a dedicated infinity swimming pool and a private section of the beach, creating an oasis for guests looking to relax, socialise, and savour their time in this luxurious setting.

    In essence, SAL Saadiyat Island extends the ethos of its original location, offering a tranquil yet sophisticated environment where fine dining meets the beauty of nature. It stands as a testament to Jumeirah's commitment to providing unique, high-quality experiences and cements SAL's reputation as a premier destination for culinary aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts alike.