Smoked Room, a culinary gem by the renowned Chef Dani García, has officially opened in Dubai, nestled within the St Regis Gardens on Palm Jumeirah, inside Leña.

Originating in Madrid, where it quickly garnered 2 Michelin stars in a mere six months, Smoked Room is famed for its "Fire Omakase" concept—a testament to Chef García's skill in using smoke and fire to create a mesmerising tapestry of flavours. This culinary artistry has now found a new home in Dubai.

Echoing the intimate ambience of its Madrid counterpart, the Dubai Smoked Room offers an exclusive dining experience with just 14 seats. This ensures an intimate setting for each guest to enjoy an up close and personal encounter with the chef.

Chef Dani García curates a menu that weaves together the freshest seasonal ingredients with the alchemy of smoke. Each dish in the Fire Omakase experience is a story, told through the intricate fusion of flavours, with every course elevating the dining experience to an art form.

The Fire Omakase, priced at AED 950 per person, invites guests to a feast of the senses. To further enrich this journey, optional wine or tea pairings are available, starting at AED 590 and AED 175 per person, respectively, complementing each course with a curated symphony of tastes.

Chef Dani García's global culinary voyage is marked by extraordinary achievements, including the celebrated Dani García Restaurant, which earned three Michelin stars, and the triumph of Smoked Room in Madrid. His continuous exploration of culinary boundaries has made him a name in the culinary world.