Ferragamo, the renowned Italian luxury brand, has joined forces with the beachside dining concept, Bungalo34, in the Middle East. Bungalo34 has been transformed into a stylish setting for Ferragamo's iconic pieces, combining fashion and food in a unique way. This collaboration offers guests a memorable experience, with a specially curated à la carte menu inspired by Ferragamo's family heritage recipes.

Indulge in a specially curated à la carte menu inspired by Ferragamo's rich family heritage recipes. Culinary director Jill Okkers and head chef Conor Dirks have created thirteen dishes that showcase Mediterranean dining with a modern twist, from the Ferragamo Pizzette to the sea bass fillet with olives and anchovy. The menu takes guests on a culinary journey through the flavours of Italy, with each dish carefully crafted to highlight the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

While Bungalo34's Bar Manager, Argyrios Agryriadis, has also created three special cocktails for the occasion. Guests can enjoy Out of the Blue, a mix of skinos mastiha, lillet blanc, lavender, and violet bitters, and the Negroni Sbagliato, made with col de' salici, signature vermouth, and a touch of bitterness. The cocktails are designed to perfectly complement the flavours of the dishes, creating a harmonious dining experience that engages all the senses.

This collaboration, which runs until 15 May, brings together fashion and food, offering guests a unique sensory experience. The stunning beachside location of Bungalo34 provides the perfect backdrop for this fusion of style and taste. Whether you're into fashion, food or both, Ferragamo's takeover at Bungalo34 promises a delightful combination of style and taste. Don't miss this extraordinary fusion of fashion and flavour.