Music sensation Billie Eilish has once again showcased her digital marketing prowess with the launch of her new album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, set to release on 17 May. By using Instagram's Close Friends feature in a unique way, Eilish generated excitement that reverberated across the internet, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her latest release.

Eilish's strategy kicked off by adding all 110M+ of her Instagram followers as Close Friends. This unexpected move piqued the curiosity of her fans, who speculated about what was to come. As Eilish shared exclusive previews of her new tracks and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the creative process through Instagram Stories, it became apparent that she was inviting her followers to join her musical journey.

By giving her entire fan base intimate access to her world, Eilish cultivated a sense of inclusivity and belonging. This Close Friends approach created a collective experience, allowing fans to connect with each other and bask in the excitement of the impending album release. The sense of community further amplified the anticipation surrounding Hit Me Hard and Soft.

Throughout the campaign, Eilish maintained an air of intrigue, providing enticing glimpses into her world while keeping her audience engaged and inquisitive. Her creative use of Instagram's Close Friends feature enabled her to craft a more intimate and exclusive experience – and gained her another 10M followers in the process – further strengthening the connection between the artist and her devoted fans.

Alongside the album release, Eilish has also revealed plans for a world tour, commencing later this year. The prospect of witnessing her new music live has only intensified the excitement surrounding Hit Me Hard and Soft, with fans eagerly anticipating the chance to see Eilish perform her latest creations on stage.

As Hit Me Hard and Soft drops on 17 May, it is clear that Eilish's innovative marketing approach has been a triumph. By using Instagram's Close Friends feature to foster a shared experience and announcing a world tour, she has not only created buzz but also deepened her connection with fans. Eilish's strategy goes beyond mere album promotion; it is a moment of collective excitement and anticipation that unites the digital and the real world through music.