AED 175.00

Luxury coconut and beeswax candle

Let the magic of Liquid Disco ignite your spirit and transport you to the golden seventies era. Enclosed in a captivating metallic blue jar with liquidised rainbow packaging reminiscent of a vintage colour palette, this coconut and beeswax candle is a testament to free-spirited fun

Designed for those who love to celebrate life in good company, its warm glow and mesmerising fragrance fills the room to create an ambience that invites you to dance like nobody's watching. Embrace the joyous vibes and let Liquid Disco be the soundtrack to your carefree moments, where the disco ball's shimmering lights guide your every move

Smells like: sweet pomegranate, fresh peach, subtle pink peppercorn and a hint of honey

Made from: 100% toxin-free coconut and beeswax

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