Coach has recently launched its innovative "Find Your Courage" campaign, merging the digital and physical worlds. This campaign features a mix of virtual and real-life personalities, including virtual human imma, and Coach Family members Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan. Set within a virtual universe, it presents the Coach Spring collection through a narrative about finding the courage to be authentic in one's own unique way.

The campaign, a continuation of Coach's ethos "The Courage to Be Real," showcases how modern youth are redefining authenticity. It navigates the complex layers of identity in both physical and virtual realms, highlighting the bravery required in this journey. The storyline follows imma's quest for courage, visiting different ambassadors in their own virtual spaces, each imparting a unique lesson or "superpower" to her.

The chapters, released over several months, feature various themes: Lil Nas X teaches the power of making one's own rules; Wu Jinyan encourages taking risks; YoungJi Lee reveals the courage to defy stereotypes; Camila Mendes showcases the evolution of self-love, and Kōki inspires the exploration of new possibilities. These episodes culminate in a luminous world that unifies all previous segments and opens new avenues for exploration.

Directed by Valée Duhamel and shot by Charlie Engman, the campaign employs A.I. and CGI technology, reflecting its message of embracing innovative artistic expression. It also features pieces from Coach's Spring 2024 collection, reflecting Creative Director Stuart Vevers' vision of reimagining American style through a modern lens, highlighted by new renditions of the Tabby shoulder bag.

Sandeep Seth, Coach's Global Chief Marketing Officer, emphasises that the campaign aims to inspire people to explore their full potential, despite societal pressures. The campaign also ventures into gaming platforms, allowing users to dress their avatars in the Coach Spring collection, and introduces a multi-sensory iteration of The Coach Tabby Shop, inspired by the season's Quilted Tabby.