Pierchic, the acclaimed dining destination located at the end of Jumeirah Al Qasr's private pier, is set to host its second Long Table Dinner on 24 April. Following the success of its inaugural event, this dining experience promises an evening of culinary excellence, live entertainment and unparalleled ambience.

The first edition of the Long Table Dinner treated guests to a stunning setting, with the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Burj Al Arab as the backdrop. The evening began with a Champagne reception at chic bar, Onda, an extension of the pier offering breath-taking views of the sunset and the surrounding landscape. Guests were then seated at an elegantly arranged long table, where they savoured a delectable five-course Italian menu crafted by Chef Beatrice Segoni and her son, Chef Luca Crostelli.

The menu showcased the chefs' mastery of simple yet luxurious ingredients, featuring dishes such as the delicate beef carpaccio, indulgent ricotta ravioli and succulent Angus tenderloin with date chutney. Live music by talented band, The Youngers, elevated the dining experience, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and conviviality.

For the upcoming second edition, Pierchic has partnered with the acclaimed Chef Saverio Sbaragli from Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, who will collaborate with Chef Beatrice Segoni to create a five-course menu titled Primavera. The menu promises to highlight the chefs' unique talents and culinary philosophies, focusing on seasonality, creativity and the finest ingredients.

At AED950 per person including wine, Pierchic's Long Table Dinner series offers a luxurious and immersive dining experience that combines exceptional cuisine, live entertainment and a stunning setting. With limited seats available, this exclusive event is an opportunity for discerning diners to indulge in an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delights and warm hospitality.

As anticipation builds for the second edition of this remarkable dining series, luxury enthusiasts and food connoisseurs can look forward to an evening that celebrates the best of Dubai's culinary offerings in an intimate and sophisticated setting, all at a price that reflects the exclusivity and quality of the experience.