Perhaps I told a few too many people about the breakfast at Bulgari Resort Dubai, as the price has increased ever so slightly in the recent months. I won’t stop though, as it’s still incredible value for money. You don’t need a reservation, just head to the Jumeirah Bay resort and make your way downstairs to Il Café, choose a table outside in the shade (weather permitting) and drink in the calming atmosphere as the yachts bob in their mooring spots within the harbour. 

At the new price of AED175, order the Milano. It’s enough for two people to share, with a choice of eggs, fresh fruit and pastries, a bowl of yogurt and granola, fresh juice and a tea or coffee. Of course, you might want to order an extra coffee or another breakfast dish but the meal shouldn’t come to more than AED250 for two people.

While other breakfast ‘deals’ might be lower in price, the value really comes in the experience at Bulgari. Where else can you rub shoulders with some of Dubai’s richest residents while tucking into a perfectly cooked omelette? 

Sure, you can pop down to your local café’s all you can eat buffet, where for just AED69 you can listen to the sound of screaming babies as you sip on a lukewarm cuppa and ask for some butter for the third time.

Personally though, I’d rather go to Bulgari once in a month than that café every week for a relaxing morning manifesting the next few years by which time, I’m somewhat delusionally dreaming of owning one of the yachts parked up in front of me. I always leave feeling fulfilled in more ways than one, and that’s really more than you can ask for from a weekend breakfast.