The world’s longest cantilever, suspended 100m above ground, is home to 10 exceptional new restaurants. Discover why everyone is talking about The Link.

1. Arrazuna

Mehmet Gürs' vibrant blend of Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Arabian cuisines with interactive experiences.


2. Qabu

Paco Morales' journey through Moorish and Andalusian flavours, combining tradition with innovation.



3. Sagetsu

Tetsuya Wakuda's fusion of French techniques, fresh ingredients and Japanese plating with an astronomical twist.



4. Andaliman

Family-friendly Indonesian dining, showcasing lemongrass, chili, coconut and diverse sambals in an approachable format.



5. Sphere

A mixology and music destination bar, offering a sonic and sensory journey with elevated entertainment.



6. DuangDy

Authentic Thai cuisine by Bo Songvisava and Dylan Jones, emphasising sustainability and traditional recipes.



7. Aelia

Elegant French-inspired fare with Rivieran classics and an Afternoon Tea Experience in a light-bathed space.



8. StreetXO

Dabiz Muñoz's theatrical take on global street food, offering experimental twists on classic flavours.


9. Tapasake

Nikkei cuisine at a lively pool club with shareable dishes, world-class entertainment, and stunning views.



10. La Dame de Pic

Sophisticated French dining by Anne-Sophie Pic, featuring inventive twists and a unique non-alcoholic pairing menu.



The Link Dubai