Gastón Acurio, a celebrated chef and ambassador of Peruvian food, has crafted a restaurant that reflects his passion for culinary innovation and tradition. His dedication to Peruvian gastronomy has transformed La Mar into a destination for those seeking authentic and creatively presented dishes.

Nestled inside, away from the evening chill, we choose a table with a view of the open kitchen in order to observe the artistry in motion, while those seated on the terrace are treated to the spectacle of Atlantis The Royal's fountain show. The atmosphere in La Mar strikes a harmonious balance, pulsating with the rhythms of bongo beats and the energy of a bustling venue, yet it retains an air of elegance that stops short of being overly formal.

Service at La Mar is a seamless dance of attentiveness and discretion, with staff who are both welcoming and knowledgeable, enhancing the dining experience without overshadowing it.

The menu is a journey through Peru's rich culinary landscape. Standout dishes like the Cebiche Clasico burst with the freshness of the sea, complemented by the tangy zest of leche de tigre. The nigiri criollo and nigiri chupe showcase a fusion of Peruvian flavours with Japanese technique, while the wagyu beef striploin, served with Peruvian sauces and fried yuca, is a testament to the quality of ingredients and the skill of the kitchen.

Each dish is a canvas of vibrant colours and textures, with the wagyu nigiri and classic cebiche deserving special accolades for their rich flavours and impeccable presentation. Dining at La Mar is an exploration of Peru's gastronomic diversity, brought to life by Acurio's vision, leaving diners with a lasting impression of both flavour and craftsmanship.