For Louise Jacobson – the driving force behind the multi-award-winning PR agency, Brazen MENA – getting into public relations was serendipitous. “I never dreamt of a career in PR, but it actually feels like now it’s the dream career for me.” What started as a journey aimed at journalism pivoted to PR, a field where she's not only succeeded but flourished.

Moving to Dubai in 2014 threw her into a cultural melting pot, a challenge she found both daunting and enriching. “Navigating these cultural nuances was quite transformative,” Jacobson admits, highlighting how this deep dive into diverse cultures was more than just an adjustment – it was a growth spurt in understanding and embracing global business nuances. When discussing her move to Dubai and the establishment of the Brazen MENA office, Louise highlights the city's unique appeal: "There's no place like Dubai. I just don't feel I would have had the opportunities I've had anywhere else." Her decision to move was driven by the potential she saw in Dubai's vibrant business landscape and its cultural diversity.

The PR landscape is ever-evolving, especially with digital media and AI changing the game. Louise points out, “PR is an art and a science, you also need humans to actually activate the campaigns,” stressing the importance of keeping the human touch alive in the age of technology. When it comes to campaigns, despite fleeting between multiple industries, the fundamentals are the same, she tells us: “You have to look at what are the objectives? What are we trying to do here? What's the narrative we're trying to call out? And then it's how do we shape that narrative to make it interesting, informative and educational for the media and ultimately, the end consumer.”
The future looks bright and busy for Brazen MENA under Jacobson’s leadership. “We’ve got big plans, we’re going to take this to the next level,” she shares, alluding to ambitious growth strategies that include a physical expansion in the region.

Jacobson is equally passionate about her team's well-being and professional growth. Brazen MENA is poised to ramp up its talent and culture initiatives, focusing on training, fostering work-life balance and making sure fun is a core part of the daily grind. “We’re known for being a hotbed for talent in the industry. So, we’re going to be working up some more innovative people and culture initiatives,” she explains, underlining her commitment to an environment where creativity and talent truly thrive.

Through her journey, Louise has navigated the shifting tides of PR with determination and vision, steering Brazen MENA toward a future filled with growth, innovation and excellence. Her story is a reminder of the power of adaptability and the impact of leadership rooted in both ambition and humanity.