After receiving a Michelin star in the 2023 Michelin Dubai Guide, it would be very easy for chef Solemann Haddad to put his feet up and reap the rewards. An increased wave of interest, new liquor licence and freshly expanded space is plenty to be pleased with – but something tells me he won’t stop there.

It’s my third visit to Moonrise; the first since it was renovated to accommodate more guests per seating. I struggle to decide whether I was most blown away the first time – when I experienced something truly unlike ever before – or the most recent occasion. Everything about the menu has levelled up. Two years of fine tuning, actively aiming to get 1 per cent better and no doubt taking on constructive feedback, has compounded into a truly impressive experience.

The operation runs like a well-oiled machine, with the team carefully flowing around each other like waves to finalise each of the 11 courses presented before us. The hours of prep we don’t see are laid out on the countertop as each chef carefully pipes, pipettes and blowtorches various ingredients with prowess. Before starting each course, we’re given a quick overview of not only what we’re about to eat but how it came about. Artist-designed cards are also provided to each dining couple to give further background about the ingredients.

The level of detail and thought behind each bite is what you leave thinking about. From carefully sourced flavours and immaculate presentation to even the mood and atmosphere, nothing is left to chance. There isn’t one person close to me that I haven’t implored to try Moonrise – and you can take that as your cue to get booked in.