Pacha, established in 1967 in Sitges, Spain, by Ricardo and Piti Urgell, stands as a cornerstone of global nightlife culture. Born from a vision of freedom, happiness, and the essence of Mediterranean life, the brand quickly outgrew its local Spanish roots. The pivotal moment came with the launch of Pacha Ibiza in 1973, elevating the club to an international party icon. Located on Ibiza's vibrant shores, Pacha was instrumental in transforming the island into a world-renowned party hub, attracting international crowds and global celebrities alike.

At the heart of Pacha's enduring appeal is its ability to innovate while staying true to its core values. The iconic twin cherries logo encapsulates the essence of luxury nightlife, symbolising indulgence and the pursuit of pleasure. Pacha's philosophy transcends mere entertainment, aiming to create deeply resonant experiences that linger with patrons long after the night ends.

Pacha Ibiza has been a crucible for electronic music evolution, hosting legendary figures like David Guetta, Solomun and Carl Cox. Their ground-breaking sets have not only defined Pacha's unique sound but have also played a pivotal role in shaping the global dance music scene. The club's signature parties, including the nostalgic Flower Power and the electrifying F*** Me I’m Famous, highlight its rich musical legacy, attracting discerning partygoers and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Elon Musk, adding an extra layer of allure to its legendary dancefloors.

In 2014, Pacha expanded its global footprint to Dubai, opening a multifaceted venue in Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Despite its closure in 2016, Pacha's brief stint in Dubai left a lasting impression on the city's nightlife landscape. The brand's journey took a significant turn in October 2023, with its acquisition by Kabir Mulchandani of FIVE Holdings for €303 million. This deal signifies a promising resurgence of Pacha in Dubai, marked by the upcoming launch of Playa Pacha beach club at JBR, signalling a new era of luxury and revelry.

Pacha's story, from a modest Spanish club to a global nightlife empire, embodies the essence of cultural transformation. With over 50 years of history, the brand's narrative is far from concluded. As it enters a new chapter, Pacha remains poised to redefine the paradigms of luxury, music, and celebration, continuing its legacy as a pioneering force in the nightlife industry. This evolution underscores not just the brand's adaptability but also its unwavering commitment to offering unparalleled nightlife experiences across the globe.